Error "2920: Failed to load database profile".


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After applying 15.1 Maintenance Patch 2 to your detection servers you start to get the Event in the server logs showing the Error "2920: Failed to load database profile".

The FileReader0.log on the detection server shows the error: 

Oct 1, 2019 5:14:05 PM com.vontu.profiles.monitor.loader.ProfileOperationalLogger loadFailed

SEVERE: (DETECTION.302) Failed to load profile [46,477:596][AD EUR SGCIB]

com.vontu.profileindex.IndexException: Failed to load RAM index from D:\Symantec\Data Loss Prevention\Detection Server\15.1\..\..\Server Platform Common\15.1\index


This may be due to following reasons:

  1. Insufficient permissions on the index folder.
  2. Index files are modified or corrupted in transit.
  3. If any of the index files are missing.
  4. Not having enough RAM memory to load all the indexes directly into memory for detection.


  1. Reboot the detection server. 
  2. Verify the index folder on the detection server has full permissions for the Symantec DLP service account (formally known as 'protect' user in earlier versions). 
  3. Reindex the source data and wait for a new version to be replcated to the detection sever. 
  4. Delete the index files which are causing an issue and replace them with same files from another detection server which doesn't encounter the error for that particular version. 
  5. If memory is low consider increasing the available RAM.