Uninstall of Oracle Client
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Uninstall of Oracle Client


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Need to reinstall Oracle client on the Enforce Server due to OCI errors while upgrading.

Various errors may occur:

Error calling OCIServerAttach for database <//IPADDRESS:PORT/ServiceName>: ORA-12514: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified.




Oracle client needs to be reinstalled with Administrator feature.


Before removing the previous install, copy the tnsnames.ora file from the Oracle Client folder. This will need to be restored into the new installation folder.

  • Run universal installer (OUI) and initiate remove components for client
  • Run deinstall.bat from the Oracle client product folder (ORACLE_HOME) and then delete the oracle client folder.
  • Reboot the enforce server if possible.


Install the Client software choosing the Administrator option.

Additional Information

For more details on installing the Oracle client, see How to install/upgrade the Oracle Client on Enforce for Windows.