Domain portion of FQDN must be manually applied to download the SEPM Console in some situations


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Endpoint Protection


You're navigating the SEPM home page to download the SEPM Console. For example:

You start here: and directed here: http://sepm:9090/clientpkg/downloadJWS.html, to where you are directed here: http://sepm:9090/symantec.html, and to where you can download the SEPM console, here: http://sepm:9090/servlet/JnlpServlet?osSF=true and these URL's are inaccessible without the FQDN in the URL.


Depending on the environment sometimes the pages you are directed to are inaccesible without the FQDN.


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14.2 RU1 MP1


In these situations manually append the domain portion of the FQDN for these URL's to work and to download the SEPM console. Example