ICA - Applying AD groups to Privileges


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Information Centric Analytics Data Loss Prevention Core Package


How do I use Active Directory Groups to control access and security (Privileges) in ICA?






This is not going to be a full detailed explanation of how you setup particular roles, and control the privileges.  That is something that you should know how you want to do.  This clarifies how to use Active Directory Groups as security or privilege entities.  There are some key pieces to keep inmind

  • You should have your Active Directory Security Groups setup and populated with the correct user accounts.  You cannot use distribution groups.
  • You should have an understanding of how you want to control ICA for administrators and analysts, or any other roles your define


  1. Connect to the ICA Risk Fabric Portal as an administrator
  2. In the left toolbar, click Admin>Privileges
  3. Click on the Portal Groups Tab
  4. Create a New Portal Group.  For our example, we will create "Analysts"
  5. Once you have names it, click on "Add Group"
  6. give the name of the AD security group your defined above.  For our example, we will use "EPM\Analysts".  This needs to be exactly the domain/name as it is defined in Active Directory
  7. Now Click the Portal Roles Tab
  8. You can create a new Portal role, or simply modify an existing one. We will create a new one, called  "Analysts".  While createing the role, define what ever privileges you want this role to have.  Click Save once complete.
  9. Now Click on Add Portal group and choose your portal group. Click Save when complete.
  10. You can now close the Add/Edit Portal Role Members dialog.
  11. You can now login as one of the members of the security group. and test the configuration, noting that you wll only need to modify the  role settings as needed for those members of that Security AD group.