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Generic Gatelet reports Cloud Service Username instead of user information


Article ID: 184730


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CASB Gateway CASB Gateway Advanced


Generic Gatelets such as Amazon CloudDrive Gatelet may not report username and instead return 'Cloud Service Username'.


For Generic Gatelets such as Amazon CloudDrive Gatelet, monitored activities and their corresponding details attributes can be limited. For some of these Generic Gatelets such as Amazon CloudDrive, there is a known limitation for how the CloudDrive user is discovered. Currently CloudSOC can only report the CloudService Username as "user" and Investigate activity does not report on login.

Upload and download will report the CloudService Username as "user".

Additional Information

Starting with CloudSOC 3.146, newly created tenants are unable to view the list of Generic Gatelets in the CloudSOC Store. Instead, these customers are advised to create a Custom Gatelet for any Gatelets that aren't included in the list of full Gatelets.

For information on creating custom apps, refer to Tech Article: Custom Apps
Pre-existing tenants with Generic Gatelets will still have access to those Generic Gatelets.
This change marks the first phase of a continued effort of improving CloudSOC Gatelet support.