Updated Endevor Upgrade and Conversion checklist
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Updated Endevor Upgrade and Conversion checklist


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Updated checklist for upgrading / converting to a new release of Endevor.



Component: ENDBAS


Steps to prepare for your Endevor Upgrade

  1. Plan implementation and testing strategies
    1. Build a test plan
    2. Prepare a back out plan
    3. Establish testing data set spacing requirements
  2. Capture options & features from the old release.
  3. Review the "Endevor Release Notes" manual for any new features to determine if you site will implement any of the new features and/or require a separate installation.
  4. Review the "Endevor Release Notes" to review any known issues with the new release.
  5. Review the "Endevor Installation Guide" to determine how your site will install the new release. It can be installed via: SMP/E with Pax-Enhanced ESD or z/OSMF for software management.
    Regarding CSM, see "Notification Id 20408 - End of Life Announcement for Chorus Software Manager
  6. Install the product.
  7. Test the new release with your own data

Capture Options & Features from the old release

  1. Review tables as appropriate from old release and make a copy of them in a PDS for safe keeping. Tables that sites typically need to review:

    BC1TNEQU (ESI - Security table)
    C1DEFLTS (Site Defaults Table)
    C1GTAPGM (Authorized Program Table)
    C1UEXITS (User Exit Table)
    ENCOPTBL (Optional Features Table)
    ENDICNFG (Dialog Configuration Table)
    ESMTPTBL (EMAIL notification Table)
    ESYMBOLS (Site Symbols Table)

If you cannot find your tables, run a batch job including //EN$TROPT DD SYSOUT=*, this is a trace which will give you the top level information for the C1DEFLTS table, the options you have enabled in the ENCOPTBL, the symbolics you have in the ESYMBOLS table, etc..


  1. Review any exits, API programs, skeletons, package ship modifications and or customization you have made.

Review and Select New Release Features/Options

The best way to do this is to review the Endevor Release Notes available on support.broadcom.com. If you are upgrading and there are multiple releases between, you should review all the release notes for all releases (Example - if you are upgrading from r14 to r19.0 you should read the Release note from r15, r15.1, r16, r17, r18, r18.1 and r19 as well). Decide which new feature you would like to implement and what is required to install them. It is recommended not to enable new features until you have completed your initial testing.


Testing the new release with your own data

As an alternative to using the Sample Application, you can test the new release with your existing production data. To do this, follow the steps below to create a copy of the data on your test system. We recommend that you copy your largest and most active systems.

Copy the Master Control Files

  • Run BC1JRMCF - this can be found in iprfx.iqual.CSIQJCL
    • This job will REPRO your current/production MCF files into sequential data sets, create your new MCF, REPRO the old data from the sequential files into your new files. Edit the JCL to ensure that STEP2 reference the MCFs you are COPYING FROM and the remaining steps reference the NEW TEST FILES you want to create.

Copy your Element Catalog

  • Run job BC1JRCAT - this can be found in iprfx.iqual.CSIQJCL
  • Edit the job to ensure that STEP2 references your PRODUCTION ELMCATL and EINDEX, and that STEP3A, 3B, and STEP4 reference the new TEST catalog you want to create.

Copy the Package File

  • Run BC1JRPKG - this can be found in iprfx.iqual.CSIQJCL
    • To test with a new package file
      1. Create a new PDS member using only Step 3A in the JCL.
      2. Submit it for execution.
      3. Edit the JCL to ensure that Step2 references your production package file, and that Step3A and 3B through 5 references the test package file you want to create, skip Step 4 if you have not built C1DEFLTS table.

Copy the ACMQ files

  • If you want to copy your existing ACMQ files, you can use IDCAMS to REPRO them to a sequential file (attributes FB/4096) and then REPRO them back into your test files. If you want to allocate new files for testing, use job BC1JACMD, and then use BC1JACML to populate them.

Allocate & Copy your Base, Delta, & Source Output libraries

  • You can allocate new files (with different names) and copy your current data into them or if you are using a test LPAR (NO SHARED DASD) you can copy your current files into new files on the Test LPAR using the same names.
  • To copy your data you can use IDCAMS, IEBCOPY or BC1PNCPY.

Update your C1DEFLTS Table

  • Update your C1DEFLTS to include only the environment(s) that you are testing with and the new element catalog, MCF, ACMQ and Package files.
  • Assemble and link into your iprfx.iqual.CSIQAUTU (Users Authlib)

Update your User Tables

  • Review and modify all tables, exits, panel modification, API programs, skeletons and package ship modifications (if applicable) for the new release.
  • Assemble and link all you tables into the Users Authlib (CSIQAUTU) you will be using for testing.

Endevor Tables:

BC1TNEQU (ESI - Security table) 
C1DEFLTS (Site Defaults Table)
C1GTAPGM (Authorized Program Table)
C1UEXITS (User Exit Table)
ENCOPTBL (Optional Features Table)
ENDICNFG (Dialog Configuration Table)
ESMTPTBL (EMAIL notification Table)
ESYMBOLS (Site Symbols Table)

***NOTE: Ensure that the SCMM@LIB and SCMM@SYM are modified correctly with the new release information and are stored in the user.proclib or sys1.proclib. ***


  • Perform validations of User Table Modifications
    • Submit batch job adding JCL statement
      • //EN$TROPT DD SYSOUT=*
    • View output in SYSVIEW or SDSF

  • Test the New Release
    • Execute your Test Plan
    • Review results

  • Migrate Current Production Endevor to the new Release
    • Build final C1deflts table
    • Replace linklist references of old release with references to the new release libraries
  •  IPL
    • Modify TSO logon procedures for all Endevor users
    • Execute final test phase and verify results