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How do I change the .LIST SYSOUT(*) to a different value?


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Using Batch Processor to process a request, the .LIST SYSOUT(*) parameter is defined and requires that it be changed to a different value.


On the Batch Processor Interface screen when you specify B for Batch Mode then you also want to specify U - Update for
AUDIT List Dest ===> . A screen will pop up that will allow you to change the Output class.

PTBP 17.0 ---------- Batch Processor Interface --------- 	
COMMAND ===> 	
PT881I - Batch processor request is cancelled 	
EXECUTION MODE ===> B ( B - Batch mode, O - Online mode ) 	
DB2 SSID ===> D10A 

AUDIT List Dest ===> U ( P - print; D - data set; N - No audit; U - Update) 	
Print Setting - Class * 

Pressing ENTER generates the following screen:

Batch Processor Interface - Specify Audit List Print Options
Command ===>

Specify audit list print options:

Output Class ===> * 	
Output Form ===> 	
Output Destination ===> 

Enter: Continue End: Cancel

The .LIST command specifies the destination of the audit trail. You can route the audit trail to the terminal, to SYSOUT, to a dataset or any combination. Additional information on this parameter can be found in the Batch Processor Reference Guide.


Release: ENDV2A00200-14.5-Endevor-SCM Interface-for DB2 for z/OS