After upgrading CA Datacom to a new release, the DCTYPE column on the DCLIST screen in CA SYSVIEW is blank for my new MUF. I also receive "DCOM001W Job MUFTST is not defined as a Datacom address space" when I try to select it.


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I just upgraded my CA Datacom software to a new release, but when I look at the DCLIST in CA SYSVIEW for this upgraded Multi-User Facility (called MUF), the DCTYPE column is blank, instead of showing DB like it did on the last release. Also, when I select the MUF, I receive an error message: DCOM001W Job MUFTST is not defined as a Datacom address space.


Since you have just upgraded to a new version, this error is typically the result of not updating the CA SYSVIEW (called SV) parmlib member DATACOM to include the new version load library. To see what load library SV is using, you have two options:

  1. On the SV DCLIST screen, scroll right until the "DatasetName" column is shown. This will tell you the load library used for this MUF. If it is blank, there is no load library that supports the display of this MUF's information.

  2. In SV, enter the "PARMLIB" command, then enter the line command "B" (browse) beside the SYSTEM entry to browse the PARMLIB file. Select the "DATACOM" member here to review the settings for the CA Datacom product.

Note that, according to the CA SYSVIEW Performance Management Administration Guide for Release 13.5, it is not necessary to define the CA Datacom MUFs to SV unless you want to use the internal monitoring of those MUFs:

Defining CA Datacom jobs in the DATACOM PARMLIB member is not required. When you do not define CA Datacom jobs in this member, you can view only the status of active CA Datacom address spaces. To view the status of active and inactive CA Datacom jobs, define those jobs in the DATACOM Names Table in the DATACOM PARMLIB member. CA SYSVIEW indicates the status of all CA Datacom jobs defined in the DATACOM PARMLIB member, even if they are inactive.

If you edit this PARMLIB member to add the new load library, note that the version 14.0 load module will support CA Datacom version 14.0, 12.0 and r11.0.

For further information on the CA SYSVIEW configuration, please see the CA SYSVIEW Performance Management Administration Guide for Release 13.5, in the section "Customize the Components, Options, and Monitoring : Define CA Datacom Address Spaces for Monitoring."

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.


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