DLP Upgrade migration with secure Oracle connections
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DLP Upgrade migration with secure Oracle connections


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Upgrading to latest DLP version using a secure connection to Oracle, but the migrator does not complete the "CompileDbPackages" step of the migration utility.

Failed to execute migration actions. Please refer to the log file for details:

  • com.symantec.dlp.migrationcommon.MigrationException: Failed to run migration action "CompileDbPackages"


The migration utility does not currently handle Oracle secure connections. 


The DLP upgrade process installs the new version of DLP on top of the previous version. To work around this issue, please ensure the following:

  • Confirm that unsecure connections are accepted by Oracle.
  • Modify the jdbc.properties file from the previous install directory and remove the 'SSL_SERVER_CERT_DN' information from the connection string.
  • Run the migration utility again, and it should proceed past the "CompileDbPackages" step.

Once the migration utility has completed, the jdbc.properties file can be modified again to add the 'SSL_SERVER_CERT_DN' string back in place.