Database will not start after rollback
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Database will not start after rollback


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce Data Loss Prevention Oracle Standard Edition 2


When attempting to open the database, it fails with an error:

ORA-00314: expected sequence doesn't match
ORA-00312: online log 1 thread 1: in redo02.log.

When looking at the files, the redo02.log is not in the same date range as the rest of the DB files in the oradata/protect/ folder.


The redo logs are moveable and were located elsewhere. The cold backup was not complete since the redo logs were not copied correctly.

This is not a supported environment by Symantec or Oracle and without a proper backup, there us no way to recover the DB.


If there is correct and full copy of the database with the redo logs that were in another folder, it will need to be restored. Otherwise there is no method to recover an incomplete backup.