[INS-13001] Oracle Database is not supported on this operating system.


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


While installing Oracle 12c release 2 (Oracle_12. in preparation for installing DLP, Oracle reports the operating system as unsupported regardless of the support matrix.

[INS-13001] Oracle Database is not supported on this operating system.  Installer will not perform prerequisite checks on the system.  Are you sure you want to continue?
Cause - This operating system may not have been in the certified list at the time of the release of this software.
Action - Refer to My Oracle Support portal for the latest certification information for this operating system.  Proceed with the installation if the operating system has been certified after the release of this software.


This can be caused on supported operating systems when the computer name has an underscore.


Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Installer.
Windows Server 2012 R2 std or Windows Server 2016 std.


If your computer name has an underscore, for example "TB_LAB" rename the computer without the "_", reboot the computer, and start the Oracle install again.