Troubleshooting Dashboard Widgets using the browser’s developer tools


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Information Centric Analytics Data Loss Prevention Core Package


Widgets not presenting data, widget shows “error returning data” message.

Error Loading <Widget Name> data. Sample image below:


Most common cause is an issue with the underlying query. It may be an indicator that the cube may have not finished processing, or connectivity to the database and/or cube.


  1. Confirm connectivity be between ICA and the database server.
  2. Confirm the processing job has completed without errors.
    1. If connectivity is good and the cube has processed, open up the browser’s Developer Tools to troubleshoot further. Developer Tools are usually brought up pressing F12 on your keyboard.
  3. After Developer Tools is opened, click on the “Network” tab. This will bring up what data is being passed to the Risk Fabric database, along with the data set being returned.
  4. Refresh the page to reload content into Developer Tools.
  5. The widget with an error will be highlighted in red:

  1. Highlight the row in red, and a new section will appear showing the Headers, Preview, Response, and Timing data. Click on the Preview tab to view the error.

In this example, there appears to be an extra “)” in the query.

  1. All four tabs will provide further detail on how to troubleshoot the error being encountered.