Troubleshooting the processing job if it was stopped


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Information Centric Analytics Data Loss Prevention Core Package


Data not updated in Information Centric Analytics (ICA), data missing in ICA.

In the SQL Agent History dialog box, a red circle with white square will be displayed.

By highlighting the row, a similar message will be displayed:
Executed as user: DOMAIN\ServiceAccountName The step was canceled (stopped) as the result of a stop job request.



Multiple potential reasons
  • Server was rebooted mid-job
  • Power loss or other physical issue that caused a power outage.
  • Server Maintenance window and the job was stopped by an admin.
  • Admin was doing testing with the SQL job and had to stop mid-way.
  • SQL Server, SQL Server Agent service was stopped.


  • Reach out to the server admin to determine of the server was part of a maintenance window or was powered down. This will most likely not happen in the next day’s run if the maintenance was successful.
  • If the Admin was doing testing, you may see several start/stops listed. Confirm with the admin if this is the case.
  • Services were stopped – Ask the server admin as to why the services were stopped. This should not impact the next day’s run if this was a one-time occurrence.
  • Restart the job, if time permits. Meaning, if the processing job can be completed before the next day’s run, kick off processing to get the latest data.