SNMP Supported Versions For DCS 6.7 MP3+
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SNMP Supported Versions For DCS 6.7 MP3+


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


  • This article describes the minimum recommended version of SNMP for Data Center Security (DCS) and Data Center Security Advanced (6.7 MP3).
  • This article also describes the locations of where to order to import the Management Information Base (MIB) to define the objects necessary for SNMPv3 to function.


  • DCS 6.7 MP3 and above
  • DCSSA 6.7 MP3 and above

Note: The Unified Management Console must be fully accessible in order to utilize this function. 


Configuring SNMP In DCS 6.7 MP3+

The minimum version recommended for the implementation of SNMP into your DCS environment is:

  • SNMPv3

You can make these adjustments by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Integration > Alerts and Notification in the UMC
  2. In the SNMP row, click Edit
  3. In the Edit SNMP dialog, edit the relevant values and click Save

Note: If you are using FireFox and cannot "Add New SNMP Server" from Monitor > Alerts while editing a new alert, be sure to right-click into the new tab to take you to the SNMP configuration page. This is a known issue.

In order to import the MIB:

  1. Locate the original DCS media or ISO file
  2. Mount the file and go to DCS6_7 > 6.7.3 > Symantec_Data_Center_Security_Server_Advanced_6.7.3_ML > DCS Server Advanced > Tools > MIB