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CCS - This query was halted before completion - Query timed out in command execution.


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


CCS on Unix times out with error: This query was halted before completion -  Query timed out in command execution.

Query timed out in command execution.


Collection Activity got timed out.


Either the job is taking to long due to the number of assets, or due to the amount of data on the assets.


Running a data collection/CER/query on Unix via agent less or agent based.


This applies to CCS 11.x onwards.

Please modify the following file on each CCS Manager. (Drive and path may be different based on where the CCS Manager was installed at)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\DPS\control\Unix\ConfigFiles\ConfigSettings.ini

  • CompositeDescGroupLen=5
  • QueryTimeOutSeconds=3600
  • MaxThreads=30
  • SSHConnectionTimeout=180000
  • ThreadsPerTarget=10
  • AllowLocalUsersAndGroupsOnly=1
  • CommandOutputTimeOutSeconds=3600

The values are in seconds.

  1. Increase the 2 TimeOut settings, the first TimeOut affects the job taking a long time due to a large number of assets.
  2. The second TimeOut affects a specific asset taking to long on a specific command, e.g. running a find and it is taking more than an hour to run.
  3. Recommend to double the number (increase from 1 hour to 2 hours etc.) until the job completes successfully.

NOTE: The entry "CommandOutputTimeOutSeconds=3600" does not exist in the config file by default, and will need to be manually added.