Network Discover scan fails with error 53 "network path was not found" and error 67 "network name cannot be found "


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


Running a DLP Nework Discover scan of a file server and the scan is failing with network related errors error 53 network path was not found
error 67 network name cannot be found


A firewall is blocking communication to from the Discover server to the target file server
  1. log onto the discover server as the user configured in the scan
  2. Go to start > run and type in the path to the share failing the scan.
  3. You will get a similar network error here as well.


  1. Try to ping the file server from the Discover server command line.
  2. If this fails, run a tracert and see where the break in communication is.
  3. Open the required port in the firewall