Upgrade hangs during upgrade of the detection servers.


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Make sure the customer has made a snapshot of both the enforce and the oracle server before they upgraded. If the customer does not have a snapshot to restore to from before the upgrade do not do these steps.
Go to the enforce management page. Look at system/servers and detectors/overview and look for the following.
Look at the enforce server and see if there is a detection server on the enforce server.
If there is a detection server on the enforce then it will need to be moved to a different server.
Look at each detection server to see if it says on enforce after the detection servers name
If there is a detection server that says on enforce it will need to be moved to another detection server or a new system will need to be setup to move the detection server to.
Look in the Symantec protect folder. There should be one file called manager.ver. If both manager.ver and monitor.ver are in the protect folder. Rename monitor.ver to monitor.old and move it to a backup directory off the system to save it if needed.
Look at the protect.properities file on the enforce and find the lines. Then comment it out by putting a # in front of
# Vontu installation mode. Never change this line.
com.vontu.singletier = true
After changing what needs to be changed start the upgrade again. If you have the same issue you will need to restore the snapshot from before the upgrade. Then you will need to make the enforce reinstallation resource file before uninstalling and reinstalling the enforce. After reinstalling the enforce you should be able to do the upgrade and have it not be a single-tier upgrade.
If uninstalling and reinstalling the enforce does not get the upgrade to upgrade as a three-tier install. You will need to stand up new servers for the enforce and the database. Then setup a new DLP and move the database over to the new DLP.