Red Banner error appears when clicking on an incident to see the incident snapshot page in the DLP Enforce Console


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Enforce

When clicking on an incident in the DLP Enforce Console to see the incident snapshot page for that incident a red banner error appears preventing you from viewing the incident.

An unexpected error has occurred. This could be due to one of the following: 1) Your session timed out and you selected a link that was no longer valid, 2) You used the browser back or forward button placing the system into an inconsistent state, or 3) the system experienced a temporary problem.


This is caused when the Attachments checkbox on the Configure role page was checked without the Body checkbox being checked.
In DLP 15 MP1 a constraint was added to the Configure role page where you can not check the Attachments checkbox without checking the Body checkbox however that constraint was not present prior to DLP 15 MP1.
So if they upgraded to DLP 15 MP1 with the Attachments checkbox checked and the Body checkbox not checked, the upgrader would not catch and fix that.


  1. Log into the Enforce console as the built-in Administrator.
  2. Navigate to System -> Login Management -> Roles and click on the role the user was a member of that was having the issue.
  3. Look at the Display Attributes section.
  4. Make sure that the Attachments box is not checked without the Body box being checked. Either uncheck the Attachments box or check the Body box.
  5. Save the page.
  6. Log out and log back in to the Enforce console as the user who was having the issue. That user should now be able to view the incident details page without getting the red banner error.