Obtain a copy of the logs produced by the Qualys integration utility


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Information Centric Analytics Data Loss Prevention Core Package


Obtain a copy of the logs produced by the Qualys integration utility when SQL server agent job RiskFabric - Qualys Connector generates an error?  

When the Qualys Integration gets invoked by the SQL Server agent job entitled RiskFabric - Qualys Connector and it generates an error, we will need to review the logs being produced by the Qualys integration utility to determine the root cause of the failure.  The error information being produced by the Qualys integration utility will not be logged in the ICA database schema, the logs will be self-contained within the Qualys integration utility directory. 


CAUTION: These commands assume a basic understanding of SQL. Any changes to the Database pose the potential to affect the operation of the product. ALWAYS ENSURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR DATABASE BEFORE MAKING CHANGES.

In order for Symantec to provide full support of the schema and the DB environment, you have to be running the DB in the version specific to the used version as outlined in the System Requirements Guide. Please see the limitations section at http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH220433


  1. The Qualys integration utility is usually stored within the same directory of the database utilities directory.  To identify the location of the database utilities folder path you can execute the following query against the portal settings object: 
    1. Select [Name],[Value] from PortalSettings where Name = 'DatabaseUtilitiesFolderPath'

Figure 1 Portal Settings Query to determine the location of the DatabaseUtilitiesFolderPath

     2. Launch Windows Remote Desktop Connection to the server hosting the ICA database schema.  The Qualys integration utility is stored within the database utilities directory commonly stored on the database server which we identified in step 1. 


     3. The Qualys integration utility in this scenario is located at D:\Program Files\Bay Dynamics\Qualys Data Import Utility\Logs.