Activating the Yammer securlet


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The customer wants to activate the Yammer securlet



To enable the Yammer securlet on your CloudSOC account, you must:

  •  Have Administrator privileges on your CloudSOC account.
  •  Have an enterprise account on Yammer.
  •  Be an administrator on your Yammer enterprise account.
  •  The email address you use as the username for the administrator login on your Yammer account must be exactly the same as the email address that you use as your CloudSOC username. Furthermore, this email address must be within the primary or secondary domains listed for your Elastica CloudSOC account. To confirm, login to CloudSOC, choose <username> > Settings > General , and check your domains. 

    If necessary, contact Elastica technical support to add additional secondary domains.

Enabling the Yammer Securlet

This section describes how to enable the Yammer Securlet on your CloudSOC account.

  1.  Login to CloudSOC using your administrator credentials.
  2.  Go to the Elastica App Store by clicking Store in the left side navigation bar.

  3.  In the Store, go to the Securlets area and locate the tile for the Yammer Securlet. You may have to click the See All link near the upper right corner of the Securlets area.
  4.  On the entry for Yammer, click Enable . CloudSOC sends an activation request to Elastica for the Yammer Securlet. The label on the Enable button changes to “Pending.” When Elastica approves the activation request, the button label changes again to “Activate.” During weekday business hours Pacific time, activation usually takes about 20 minutes. Contact your Elastica representative if the activation takes unusually long.
  5.  Click Activate to activate the Securlet. CloudSOC prompts you for additional information. Elastica has an app within Yammer that the Elastica Yammer Securlet uses by default. However, if you do not want to enable support for such 3rd-party apps on your Yammer account, you can create your own app in Yammer with only the access privileges you deem necessary. The Yammer Securlet can then use your custom app to access your Yammer account. To use this feature, mark the checkbox for Second Party App Support and enter your custom app’s Client ID and Client Secret. Otherwise, leave the checkbox blank. Note: In order to use the default Elastica yammer Securlet app, you must enable the 3rd Party Applications option in the Enabled Features area of the Yammer configuration page
  6.  Click Save and proceed with the Securlet activation. CloudSOC redirects you to the Yammer login page.
  7.  Login to Yammer using your Yammer administrator credentials. Yammer redirects you back to CloudSOC. The top of the page displays a green banner to show that you have successfully set up the Yammer Securlet. If a red banner appears instead, contact Elastica Support for assistance.