Linked server connection error


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Information Centric Analytics Data Loss Prevention Core Package


The linked server connection error may occur during the nightly job execution while testing the linked server connection, or when running dashboards that utilize linked servers.

Login failed for user 'NT_AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON' (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18456)


This happens when attempting to connect to the source database using a server other than the database server hosting the linked server or the database server where the source database is located. The reason for the error is because the Windows credentials coming from the originating server (a server other than the server hosting the linked server or the database) are dropped by the 2nd hop of authentication from the server hosting the linked server to the database server where the source database is located. 


CAUTION: These commands assume a basic understanding of SQL. Any changes to the Database pose the potential to affect the operation of the product. ALWAYS ENSURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR DATABASE BEFORE MAKING CHANGES.

In order for Symantec to provide full support of the schema and the DB environment, you have to be running the DB in the version specific to the used version as outlined in the System Requirements Guide. Please see the limitations section at


Option 1:  Use SQL authentication

To switch to SQL authentication, create a SQL account on the database server hosting the source database that the linked server connects to.  Open the linked server properties and use the created SQL account for the linked server as illustrated in the screenshot below:

Option 2:  Configure Kerberos

To configure Kerberos for SQL linked server, follow the instructions detailed in the link below: