Remediation options for G Suite Securlet


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CASB Security Standard CASB Security Premium CASB Security Advanced Data Loss Prevention Cloud Package


The customer wants to know the remediation options for the G suite securlet


When you configure Data Exposure via Securlets policies for Google Drive in the Elastica Protect app, you can choose the following remediation options:

File Access --Changes access for the file. Some choices are logically exclusive of others:

Share access --Changes share access for the file. Mark the checkbox to see available settings.
Remove shared link --Removes the link from the file, rendering it unshared.
Prevent Download, Copy, or Print --Changes file access settings so no one can download, copy, or print the file.
Prevent Writers from Sharing --Changes file access settings so that the owner cannot share the file with others.

Collaborator or Team Drive Member Access --Choose either (but not both) of:

Update member or collaborator role --Changes the collaborator role. Mark the checkbox to see available settings.
Remove external collaborator or team drive member --Removes eternal collaborator privileges