Configuring filtering of inbound traffic from external sources


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CASB Audit CASB Gateway Advanced Data Loss Prevention Cloud Package


want to filter traffic from their firewall logs according to the ip patterns entered in the SpanVA interface.


SpanVA lets you filter traffic from your firewall logs according to IP patterns that you enter in the SpanVA web interface. This feature lets you discard any irrelevant or undesirable log traffic based on their source IPs. You would typically use this feature when you have servers hosted within your network and external sources are accessing them through your firewall.

To configure IP filtering:

  1. In SpanVA, click the IP Filterins tab as show below.
  2. Mark the Enable IP Filtering checkbox, and enter an IP pattern in the box. All traffic with source IP addresses not matching the pattern is omitted when SpanVA sends the logs to CloudSOC.
  3. Click Save .