Active Directory/Kerberos authentication simplified in DLP 15


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Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Sometimes it is confusing to follow the steps of the Active Directory/Kerberos authentication in the DLP 15 admin guide.


Data Loss Prevention 15.0 Enforce 


  1. Go to this location :-C:SymantecDLP /Protect/tomcat/webapps/ProtectManager/security/template folder
  2. For Active Directory/Kerberos authentication configurations we need to select the file  springSecurityContext-Kerberos.xml
  3. Rename the file to springSecurityContext.xml.
  4. Edit springSecurityContext.xml file in notepad and set the krbConfLocation  to your Kerberos authentication file which is krb5.ini.
  5. Follow Integrating Active Directory for user authentication on  page 124  of  DLP 15 admin guide
  6. Follow Creating the configuration file for Active Directory integration page 125  of  DLP 15 admin guide
  7. Follow  Verifying the Active Directory connection page 127 of  DLP 15 admin guide