Service level agreement (SLA) on CloudSOC (CASB) Securlet response times


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When using CloudSOC (CASB) Securlets, customer notices that the API events are not returning immediately.


CloudSOC CASB Securlet for SaaS and IaaS. The average latency to process an event and associated data within the
CloudSOC CASB monitored SaaS or IaaS application will take no more than six (6) hours after the occurrence of that event.
Average latency is determined by the monthly average among samples taken by Broadcom SED in a given month. Initial processing of
events and associated data triggered by the activation or re‚Äźactivation of a Securlet, rescanning and addition or migration of
new users and their data to the application, is excluded from average latency calculations. Latency introduced by (i) the SaaS
or IaaS application, either due to delayed availability of events and associated data from their API or due to throttling of API
calls made by CloudSOC , or (ii) in any way attributable to third party SaaS or IaaS providers, is excluded from average latency

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