.VEP and .SNP files are filling up the \endpoint agent\temp folder


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


DLP 14.x
DLP 15.x


This issue can be resolved be changing how the agent handles these temporary files. Use the following steps to address this issue:
  1. From the Enforce console go to System > Agents > Agent Configuration
  2. Edit the applicable Agent Configuration
  3. Uncheck the local drive monitoring option.
  4. Click on the advanced configuration tab
  5. Set FileSystem.ENABLE_FILE_RESTORATION.int  to 0
  6. Set FileSystem.ENABLE_VEP_FILE_ELIMINATION.int to 1
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Apply Configuration (Do not skip this step)
  9. Select the applicable Agent Group(s)
  10. Click Update Configuration