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Solving error "Failed install CAPKI" when installing CA ControlMinder


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When installing CA ControlMinder 12.6 on a Linux server, the following error is obtained:

Installing CAPKI.
Failed install CAPKI

and the installation fails


One of the possible causes for this error may be the lack of disk space. To see if this is the case, check

cat /tmp/capki_install.log

The following messages will be present in the log:

Insufficient Disk space
Install unsuccessful, return value is 3

In this case, please make sure to delete unnecessary data in the filesystem where the ControlMinder directories reside.

According to the Installation Guide for this product, the system requirements are the following:

  • Memory 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • Available disk space 250 MB (300 MB for general installations)
  • In addition, you need disk space for your CA Access Control database, which is the repository of records describing your users and user groups, your protected files and other resources, and the authorizations that permit controlled access to the resources. For example, a database for one thousand users, one thousand files, and five hundred access rules, occupies approximately 2 MB of disk space.

However, take into account that the install will check to see if it has enough disk space for trace and debug (whose default sizes are 500MB each). So, even if you have the disk space indicated in the specifications, not having the additional 1 GB free for tracing and debug will make the installation fail with the above error.


Component: SEOSU