Prevent Server Unknown Status and FileReader down 108


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Data Loss Prevention Network Prevent for Web


New Server added to Enforce showed Unknown Status under the Server Overview.  FileReader down code 1008 also appeared after communications were established.

Prevent Server: Status Unknown:
The log files did not show anything usable for troubleshooting. Network communication testing was normal, the Prevent server settings in the Enforce console were good. Telnet test worked for port 8100. We did edit the Hosts file on both servers, to point to each others IP's and hostnames. This Prevent server was also in a DMZ (totally different domain), checkecd DMZ/Firewall settings.  It was all fine.

FileReader down code 1008:
The normal troubleshooting for FileReader code 1008 did not work, and would not start manually.


Prevent Server Status Unknown was due to missing \Protect\Keystore\Monitor.keystore file AND correct IP and Hostname settings for both servers Hosts file.

FileReader down code 1008: Windows Updates had not finished installing due to server restart needed.


Prevent Server: W2k16 running in DMZ.
DLP 14.6


For the Server Unknown issue: Copied Monitor.keystore file from working Discover server, edited the Hosts file on both servers, restarted the Vontu Services and the communication started.

For the FileReader down issue:  Server needed a reboot to finish installing a MS update.

A wait of 15 minutes may be necesary for the update to install and FileReader to started.