How to avoid conflict between Endpoint Agent default and new group


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You have all your Symantec DLP Endpoint Agents in a default agent group. You have created a new agent group and agent configuration so that few of your endpoint machines will be a part of new agent group with a new agent configuration; however after this, you will see your endpoint agents belonging to a default agent group in a warning state:

You will see below mentioned errors in the Enforce console > System > Agents


This is happening due to a conflict between default agent and new agent group


Below mentioned instructions can be followed to avoid this conflict by creating a new agent group, assigning it a default agent configuration, moving all endpoint agents to the new group, then creating another new agent group with the required machines listed in it and then assigning new agent configuration to it:

1. Log into the Enforce server > System > Agents > Agent Groups and click New:


2. Type the name of new Agent Group > select “Endpoint Server” option > select the Endpoint server from the drop down list and then click Save


3. Select the new agent group > click Assign Configuration > select Default Configuration and click Ok


4. Go to System > Agents > Agent Overview and check whether all the agents are under OK list

5. Click the Ok button and check whether all agents are listed under new agent group. Jump to next step once we start seeing all agents under new group

6. Go to System > Agents > Agent Groups and click Manage Agent Attributes located towards the right hand side of Enforce console

7. Click on New, type the name of your new attribute and fill in the description field (optional)



8. Select machine domain, click on "Select from existing attributes, click on Agent Host Name, type DNSHostname in the Active Directory Attribute field and then click Save

9. Click on Apply Changes:


10. Go to System > Agents > Agent Groups and click New

11. Type the name of the new user group > select “User Attributes” option > Select DNSHostname from the drop down list > type the name of endpoint agents in "DNSHostname and Always include these agents" fields and then click Save

12. Select the new agent group > click Assign Configuration > select new Agent Configuration and click Ok


13. Restart endpoint machines that we have added to the second group and then check whether all endpoint agents are listed under OK list and are under correct agent groups: