CA Top Secret Migration To SUB=MSTR.


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What are the implications when CA Top Secret starts with SUB=MSTR?


CA Top Secret would start with SUB=MSTR by default if you have a procedure named TSS.
This should be the case even if JES2 is up. There should be no issues in this case.

CA Top Secret will close the spool files if/when JES2 is brought down.
OPTIONS(78) is not a requirement. It is a circumvention required UNTIL you apply RO48248.

There is currently no functional reason CA Top Secret would need to start prior to LLA or VLF.
The startup order is not important in terms of CA Top Secret.
The only reason for starting them out of the CA Top Secret parmfile is so that a valid, non-bypass security environment is in place for those address spaces, which is a good idea.

The purpose of running CA Top Secret with SUB=MSTR is to prevent problems with security callswhile Top Secret is not available. Starting CA Top Secret early on, perhaps first, allows us to set up a valid security environment for all address spaces started after us.

Now, after RO48248 and RO48562, CA Top Secret can open the spool files after JES2 comes upand close them at JES2 shutdown.


Release: TOPSEC00200-15-Top Secret-Security