When selecting multiple machines under Manage>Computers, the 'Computer Summary Multiple' blade doesn't come back to the 'General' blade when selecting back one machine.


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IT Management Suite


Customer noticed that the Computer summary box in the upper right hand corner of the activity center on Manage>Computers does not work correctly from some of the remote machines.
It shows as blank as if multiple computers were selected.
If you select multiple computers, it will update the number of computers selected. But then if you select just one computer, it will not update the summary window. It stays as "Computer Summary Multiple" rather than going back to "General"

This is happening on some of their client machines (when accessing the Console from their local browser remotely).
The issue is also present when trying Firefox and Chrome.
The console works correctly on the SMP itself.


Known issue. Silverlight is unable to calculate ActualWidth. The fix, in case of exception, catch and replace tab with space. 


ITMS 7.6 HF7


This issue is resolved with 8.0 HF1 DOC9271

A pointfix for SMP 7.6 HF7 is available. See attached "Pointfix_eTrack3900065_SMP_7_6_HF7.zip"

See also the attached ReadMe.pdf for details in how to install this pointfix.