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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Need to backup incidents through Data loss prevention Enforce server


At this time you have multiple options to backup incidents:

Option 1:

To backup the incidents from the Enforce server you can do this via the Enforce UI

1. Go to System > Incident Data > Web Archive
2. Enter an Archive name
3. Select the Report to Export (The report will contain all the incidents you requested)
4. Click on Create.
5. Verify the report was saved to the location default \<DLP_install_Directory>\Protect\Archive\<Report Name>

Note: The incidents will be saved in an easily readable html format.

Option 2:

Starting in DLP v14, you can also use an External Storage Directory, whereby incident attachments can be stored on a disk that is external to the database.

For more details about "blob externalization", see the System Maintenance Guide for your version.


Option 3:

Perform a cold backup of the Symantec DLP database and restore it to another server if you need to recover an incident.

For information about peforming a cold backup please refer to your System_Maintenance_Guide.pdf


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