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Clarity: Many records in PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS table have slice status of 1


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We have noticed that a large number of records in table PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS have a slice status of 1, the Time Slicing job has completed successfully but the slice status of these records do not get processed to NULL. Why?


It is expected that there are baseline records that stay with slice status of 1. The baseline details table stores all types of baseline data, for example cost, task and project level baselines. Those records will have a slice status of 1 unless you have a custom time slice request for them. Only basic assignment baseline is sliced out of the box. Therefore it's expected to have a large number of records in the baseline details table with slice status of 1.

If there are no custom time slices created this would be why there are a large number of records in the baseline details table with slice status of 1.

To set the slice status to NULL as with other non-baseline type objects, you can create custom slices. For example, you can create a custom slice for item "Current Baseline Task Usage" and after the "Time Slicing" job ran, the slices for task baseline would be created and slice_status is set to NULL.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus