What does the asterisk (*) symbol by the Site name under Site column mean?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


Under Settings > Notification Server > Site Server Settings > Subnets, there are some site names under the "Site" column that have an asterisk (*) by them. What does the asterisk mean?



The Subnets section displays the same data as the Sites section, from the subnet perspective. If a subnet (parent subnet assigned to a site) encompasses another subnet (child subnet not assigned to a site), the child subnet will be assigned to the parent site. If the child subnet is assigned to a site, it will not be assigned to the parent site. For example, a child subnet ( Mask: is not assigned to a site and the parent subnet ( Mask: is assigned to Parent Site. As the child subnet is not assigned to a site, the Site column shows the child subnet is assigned to the Parent Site.

An asterisk (*) appears next to the site name to indicate this subnet is not directly assigned to the site but is contained in the site because it is encompassed by the parent subnet already in the site.