Symantec Management Agent - Identifying Gateway Connection Entry
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Symantec Management Agent - Identifying Gateway Connection Entry


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IT Management Suite


In the past, we had requests asking if we could add in the Symantec Management Agent (SMA) UI the name of the Internet Gateway that the agent is currently connected to (since they had a couple of gateways and they wanted to know when a client that can’t talk via CEM what gateway is currently connected to).


ITMS 8.x


This feature was added in the ITMS 8.5 RU2 Release.

The SMA UI shows something like this:


Note: Something to consider is that SMA rotates Internet Gateways, i.e. every new HTTP connection uses the next available Gateway to distribute Gateway load. If two Gateways are up and running then they both will be used by SMA.
For example, the client policy request will use the first, but then a NSE will be sent via the second. The displayed Gateway address will be changing, in some cases, you may not even notice the change, UI for connection info is updated every 10 seconds or so and the Gateway can change multiple times during that period.

So there are no such things as the Gateway SMA is currently connected to.

For persistent connections it is different of course - the single Gateway will be displayed in the UI.