Clients not able to register with Task Server
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Clients not able to register with Task Server


Article ID: 184162


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IT Management Suite


REQUIREMENT: SMP 8.1 RU5 installed


  1. Retrieve files from the archive to the NS hard drive.
  2. Run as administrator PFinstaller2.EXE, click on ‘Install’ button
  3. During PF install “Backup” folder will be created in PF root folder with the copy of original files.

PF does not contain specific assemblies to replace; only SMA agent package (AeXNSC.exe) will be replaced with the new one in NSCap folder.

Note! It might take significant time until package will be updated on a package servers after it was replaced on SMP. It is recommended to ensure the SMA package is updated by upgrade/install SMA on a single computer before doing massive SMA upgrade/rollout. SMA version in this package is 8.1.5850.

      4. Wait until PF install is completed; review PF install output in PF UI (PF will create log.txt in PF root location which might be used later for PF install process review)

      5. SMA upgrade/install required to have the fix on agent sid e.

Note! SMA on Notification Server also need to be upgraded – this PF does not perform automatic SMA upgrade on NS.


Fixed HTTP protocol parsing in agent's transport module

  • keep-alive is now correctly processed based on HTTP version
  • connection authentication now correctly skips response bodies that come along with 401 errors
  • error reporting is improved when HTTP status cannot be obtained from HTTP header



  • Pull SMA install will use old SMA package even after the PF has been installed. To update the pull SMA package you will need to re-save the SMA package. 

Open: NS Console -> Settings -> All Settings. Expand: Settings -> Agents/Plug-ins -> Symantec Management Agent -> Windows. Select “Symantec Management Agent Package” node in the left pane. Change any setting of this package in the right pane, press “Save changes” (change setting back if you do not wish to keep the change and save package again). Press “Update distribution point”.


Note: To uninstall the PF from agent you will need to uninstall SMA from all clients and install original RU5 SMA.

  1. Execute PFInstaller2.exe with administrative privileges (right-click > Run as administrator).
  2. Accept UAC (User Account Control) prompt, select Uninstall. During uninstall:
  3. Installer will stop services
  4. Installer will copy backed up files to original directories – (e.g. Agent installation package will be copied in Altiris folder)
  5. Run executable files – (e.g. agent installation and registry delete)
  6. Start services