Questions around "Time to wait to begin session" value in an agent download section.


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


Customer is having issues defining how they want multicast implemented and needs some questions answered.

The set of questions revolves around "Time to wait to begin session" value in an agent download section.

1) Does the wait time "counter" begin at the start download of the package or the end for the master?

A: The "Time to wait to begin session" is the timeout used for "negotiation" process for a session. It does not apply to the consequent download of a package
nor to the consequent session lifespan. If the session is started the consequent download within this session is not limited by time.
In particular: This timeout cover the searching for session, joining (starting) it and waiting for other minimum required computers to join, before session actually start doing something.

2) Does the wait time also apply as a timeout of session? It looks like that might be a hard coded value of 10 minutes.

A: Same as above: when session is started there is no timeout. Timeout is applied only to "starting the session" process. If timeout is set in percentages of Configuration change – means this is the percentages of the Agent policy refresh interval. NOTE: The session could start earlier than timeout ends, if required number of computers are joined faster.

3) Do clients who wait for their timeout also include the download of the package in that?

A: No, as stated above, this timeout does not apply to the actual download.

4) Does the download of that package on a master have to complete before the session can start?

A: No. The session could be started when no one has the package. Then (aftersession is started) master will download the package and share it between the session members.