CAPC group rules work in 1 out of 2 groups


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I created 2 groups with exactly the same rules.  In 1 group the rules do nothing, in the 2nd group the rules populate the group properly.


Defect - for group 1 the items ended up on the "excluded items" list


CAPM 3.7


Should be resolved with an upgrade to 3.7.6 or above.  However, it was noted items went to exclusions list, and when we removed them, and re-ran the rules, the rules worked.

Here is the defect:

When group memberships in Performance Center are removed during global synchronization (and moved to deleted table), due to item being deleted, it would not remove the BY_RULE flag from the relationship. This caused the relationship to appear in Excluded Items.

Resolution: When removing a group relationship and the relationship is moved to the deleted table, we will remove the BY_RULE flag. Now the relationship won't be considered for Excluded Items list, and if the item comes back, group rules can re-add the relationship.

(3.7.6, DE422002, 01287437)