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Monitoring VPN active user connections using UIM probes


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are trying to collect Users Active information on the Cisco VPN Concentrator device. Is there a way to monitor active user connections using UIM? 


Release : 8.5, 9.x
Windows 2012



There is no direct supported way in UIM to monitor active user connections. However, If you are trying to use SNMP for a mib supported device, you can check our snmpget probe.

For Windows environment, you can check perfmon counters and IF a command can be run as in powershell, or some other windows command or Cisco device command etc., then you could check nexec or logmon to execute the command.

Depending on how you are trying to get the active user connection information for monitoring, the type of connection metrics, probe, operating system , device you are trying to monitor, here's a link to our probe documentation for your review and understanding on the probe monitoring.

For additional implementation evaluation you can contact our services partner at HCL. The Enterprise Studio team of HCL (formerly the Services group within CA Technologies) can be reached at [email protected].

Please also refer to the following link regarding Cisco devices and how to determine active user connections:

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