CA API Developer Portal: Folder Name (Verison) is Not Changed After Upgrade


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CA API Developer Portal


After performing an upgrade of the CA API Developer Portal the user may notice that the name of the /opt/apim-portal-#.#.#.#.-Final does not reflect the newly upgraded version; rather, it still shows the older version.


This is a result of the upgrade procedure, whereby the new installation is unzipped and loaded into the previous installation destination.  The upgrade proceeds successfully but the folder name is not changed, by design.


Release : 4.4

Component : CA API Developer Portal


There is currently no resolution for this issue and it is not recommended that the folder name be manually changed due to the possibility of corrupting the installation.  This is a harmless cosmetic consequence of the upgrade process and all references and inquiries to versioning should be tracked and checked through the CA API Developer Portal URL / User interface.

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