SV: vsCatalog reflecting registry info incorrectly in DEVTEST 10.5


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CLOUDTEST CA Application Test CA Cloud Test Mobile MOBILECLOUD Service Virtualization


VSCatalog does not report our virtual services correctly. By that, I mean that it reports we have virtual services running on registries that we do not run the VSE on. We have two VSE's and that is it. The servers are zlis001 and zlis002. However, vsCatalog reports that we are running the same services on zlis001, zlis002. zlis007, and tliv001 even though we have NEVER run a VSE on zlis007 and we run a small test VSE on tliv001. But the services that show to be running on TLIV001 are not running there and never have!!  


Release : 10.5

Component : CA Service Virtualization


We have a patch for this issue, Please refer to DE444731 when opening a ticket. 

Steps to apply patch:

1. Stop VS catalog.

2. Go to VSCatalog_home/lib

3. Take backup of bespin-service-1.6.0.jar

4. Replace bespin-service-1.6.0.jar with the new attached bespin-service-1.6.0.jar

5. Start VS catalog.

6. Delete the old ED Connection and Reconnect in the Catalog.