CA Datacom usage of CICS CSD group BDGRP
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CA Datacom usage of CICS CSD group BDGRP


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While working on recent maintenance, we see that the DQSYSTBL module is now defined to CICS CSD group BDGRP. For previous releases, it was part of the CA Dataquery groups with all the other entities. Why has this changed?


Component : CA Datacom/DB


In looking at the bigger picture, you see that you have DQ##GRP, B1##GRP, AD##GRP, etc. for the various product components for CA Datacom, and these groups all contain the base software entries - referring to programs that are maintained through SMP/E by us here at CA/Broadcom. 

Beyond this, there are a number of customized modules - options modules like DDSRTLM and DQSYSTBL, various URTs, etc., which are customized and assembled by customers. These modules are identified to the BDGRP because they are treated differently (assembled in-house) from the base software, and hopefully make it easier to know which modules are vendor-supplied and which are in-house built.

We define all of the different groups in our products when they are delivered, and while we build our jobs and processes based on the assumption that the entities are in the groups we specify, this does not preclude a customer changing this to better fit with their own methodology.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.