Rally is throwing "403 Forbidden" error while sending API request


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


While accessing the Rally Saas instance by sending the API request to Rally [within below date and time] customers were getting the "403 Forbidden" error from the Rally server.

Based on the API Logs we have found that the "403 Forbidden" throws by the server. ( Usually, this happens when the client is not permitted access to the resource despite providing authentication such as insufficient permissions of the authenticated account.)

This unexpected behavior happened with Rally Saas Instance using API-> was it down/connection issues within the below mentioned time and date.

Date : 02/21/2020

Time : 05:47:38 AM MST

Date : 02/21/2020

Time : between 09:17:40 to 09:47:50 AM MST

Date : 02/24/2020

Time : 07:59:32 AM MST



An app has been activated in the system which made the system send 403- forbidden error in API. The app access privileges were not activated for the customer end which leads to this error.


Release : SAAS



If the issue still persists please create a case to the Rally support team with the screenshot of the error and along with API logs

You can reach either by log in to Support.Broadcom.com or reach out to the main support number to call 1-800-225–5224.