TSIDMNT with DISPLAY TAP,DSN Does Not Show Empty (No Versions Yet) Tape Dataset


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EPIC for z/VSE


z/VSE 6.1 system with CA-EPIC/VSE 5.2

I have many datasets defined in the EPIC catalog, some of which have not had any versions created as yet.  I ran an EXEC TSIDMNT with options DISPLAY TAP,DSN and the results did not contain any tape dataset name that was empty (had no versions created yet).  Is this by design? 
If so, what utility and/or options can I use to produce a listing of just tape datasets in the catalog that have no versions created yet?  


Release : 5.2

Product:  EPICVS


TAP bypasses any empty dataset so the only way to get what you want is to specify ALL. You'll get more than you want, both TAPE and DISK, but you'll get the version info as well.

Additional Information

In Dynam, you can specify the type of dataset (TAPE, DISK or FI)  when the dataset is defined. Unfortunately, EPIC doesn't have that functionality. There is no way for EPIC to know for certain what the dataset "type" is if  no versions were created. This is because datasets can be defined with common attributes, tape attributes, disk attributes or any combination of the three. So, for example, a dataset used for tape processing can have disk attributes defined. A dataset can be defined with just general attributes i.e. no tape or disk specific parameters. Therefore, both the canned and customized reports can not report on a specific type of empty dataset since there is no way for EPIC to know for certain how the dataset was intended to be used.