After robot name/ip address changes, probes turn red


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


UIM admins noticed that after robot's IP address was changed, the probes turned red.


Due to the changes in a robot name or IP (or other changes that alter the robot binary code), the robot's probes' magic keys are invalidated. The magic_key is essentially a checksum that is based on a hash of the robot name, ip, and a checksum of the binary for the probe. If any one of those things changes, the checksum calculated will no longer match the recorded magic_key. In IM, choosing rt-click-> Security-> Validate->Yes to All forces a re-write of the magic key to the new checksum. It's a security check. Otherwise, someone could replace a probe executable with something they had written and it would then be run with the security level of the monitoring software rather than the user.


Component : UIM - ROBOT

Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM), any version


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