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service catalog 17.2 RU6 not starting pam process


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CA Service Catalog


After upgrading to SC 17.2.06, we can't get SC to startup any PAM processes. SC, PAM and SDM connectivity tests are successful so all products are supposedly communicating with each other. But somehow it seems there is a missing piece where SC doesn't kick off a PAM process as expected.


For example, create a SC ticket with an associated PAM process to create a SDM tix or startup an approval process, but the PAM process doesn't startup. SC tix detail page just shows a Request in Progress screen and the tracking tab shows "No process instances" instead of the PAM process as expected.

PAM doesn't show any processes in its Operations tab.

We performed a migration upgrade from prod 14.1 env, so all settings should be in the database already. All hostnames have been updated as expected for the new 17.x env. 





Release : 17.2 Rollup6 



Starting from 17.2 RU6 ,  the rollup patch was packed in cumulative way .   When you applying 17.2 RU6 on top of 17.2 ,  it means  that it includes  17.2 RU1, RU2, RU3, RU4, RU5 and RU6 . 

With 17.2 RU4 ,  it has an important post step which is required  :

If you apply 17.2 RU6 on top of 17.2  , you will need to remember to perform the post step mentioned above  .  With that ,  it will resolve the problem .