AE: CAU of Java (SAP/SQL) Agents fails
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AE: CAU of Java (SAP/SQL) Agents fails


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When performing the CAU on Java-based Agents (like  SQL/SAP...), the Agent stops and the binaries are not updated.
Two conditions may apply:

a. The Agent has been started by a Service Manager on version < 12.3 (12.1 / 12.2)
b. The Agent has not been Started by a Service Manager, and the option "All selected Agents" has been ticked
c. The Agent must be at least in version 12.3.0, all agents in prior versions must be upgraded manually at least to version 12.3.0.


Release : 12.3


Documentation bug:
Prerequisites for upgrading Java-based Agents not correctly described in documentation, they differ from the System Agents Prerequisites.


Java Agents like SQL or SAP need as prerequisite to be started by a Service Manager 12.3.x so that the CAU works.

Additionally, the phrase "If the agent is not started by a Service Manager, the agent will be ended and the binaries will be upgraded" only applies to System Agents.
CAU for Java-Based Agents only work starting on version 12.3

This should be documented in next version of the Documentation 12.3.3 in June 2020.