Why does OneClick REST Subscription delete returns success even for non-existent subscription IDs?


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CA Spectrum


We see that the Spectrum REST API for deleting subscriptions always returns a 200 (success) response code, even if an non-existent subscription ID is specified.  This makes it impossible to know if the deletion really succeeded.  For example, if you accidentally provide a wrong subscription ID, your mistake will not flagged.

We expect that if an non-existent subscription ID is specified, the API should return an error code.





Code was faulty and the subscription ids were not checked to see if they actually were deleted and therefore the 200 (success) response was given.


Release : 10.3.x, 10.4.x

Component : Spectrum OneClick


Engineering has created the following patches to resolve the problem:

For Spectrum 10.3.2 with BMP 1 installed as a prerequisite please request patch Spectrum_10.03.02.PTF_10.3.249 from Support

For Spectrum 10.4.1 please request patch Spectrum_10.04.01.PTF_10.4.108 from Support

Once the patch has been applied, Spectrum will check to make sure the REST Subscription IDs are valid before sending a 200 (success), or if the Subscription IDs are invalid, you will receive a 400 (Bad Request).

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