PIM(EP) r12.8 SP1: blank line is added in audit.cfg via selang
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PIM(EP) r12.8 SP1: blank line is added in audit.cfg via selang


Article ID: 182974


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CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM)


audit.cfg file is corrupted when it was updated via selang.
 And then, following error occurred:
 AC> env config
 AC(config)> sr config audit.cfg
 AC(config)> er config audit.cfg line+("FILE;C:¥test¥test.txt;*;*;R;P")
  Unable to open the config.
 He checked behavior and found blank line added after removing rule.
 It added 2 times after each blank line.


Release : 12.8

Component : CA ControlMinder - NT


The root cause of the issue is that empty line is every time when you remove line in audit.cfg file via selang command. It causes to increasing of empty lines in filter file,


T4A7133 is provided for r12.8 SP1.
If you need it, please contact support.
Currently workaround is editing line manually.

Additional Information

- target version of OS and Product

 All versions of PIM r12.8.x and PAMSC r14.x on both Windows and UNIX.
But product on UNIX environment does not have last empty line in audit.cfg file.
So, the problem may not occur.

- Affected area

SeOSAgent module. 'env config' in selang.

- Workaround

    - edit audit.cfg file manually.
    - remove blank line manually before update via selang.