Set Min & Max Value (goal line) on IM Device MultiTrend (Top) and calculate in percentage in CA Performance Management (CAPM)


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How can minimum and maximum values on IM Device MultiTrend (Top) be set and how can value be calculated as percentage?


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


This requires an extension to the Vendor Certification.

The metric profile being reported on dictates whether there is MIN/MAX for that metric. For example, Utilization has minimum, maximum and average values. And Utilization is a percentage type metric.

However, as an example, Number of firewall connections is not a percentage (%) type metric. So you would need to setup a custom certification for that particular metric to extend the metric to have different profiles, and report as a percentage of a fixed threshold (in your case, ceiling of 2M connections = 100%).